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SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League Of The Week: 5

This chart is based on the poll results voted for by you, for episodes that had their debut screening this past week in the UK:

1 (+4) Continuum “End Times” (your score: 4.783; SFX score 4.5/5)
2 (+1) American Horror Story Asylum “I Am Anne Frank Part 2” (your score: 4.735; SFX score 4.5/5)
3 (+6) Haven “Sarah” (your score: 4.645; SFX score 4.5/5)
4 (-3) The Almighty Johnsons “The House Of Jerome” (your score: 4.571; SFX score 5/5)
5 (-) The Walking Dead “When The Dead Come Knocking” (your score: 4.531; SFX score 4.5/5)
6 (+7) Grimm “Over My Dead Body” (your score: 4.412; SFX score 4/5)
7 (-1) Wizards Vs Aliens “Fall Of The Nekross” (your score: 4.367; SFX score 3.5/5)
8 (-6) Fringe “Through The Looking Glass And What Walter Found There” (your score: 4.357; SFX score 4/5)
9 (-2) The Secret Of Crickley Hall episode two (your score: 4.161; SFX score 4/5)
10 (-) Merlin “With All My Heart” (your score: 4.016; SFX score 3.5)
11 (-6) Misfits episode five “ (your score: 3.921; SFX score (3.5/5)
12 (-3) Arrow “Legacies” (your score: 3.726; SFX score (3/5)
13 (-1) Alphas “Life After Death” (your score: 3.364; SFX score (2/5)

Continuum ’s season finale nans the number one position this week, narrowly pipping American Horror Story Asylum . Fringe has a bit of a drop with an okay episode in a week when other shows upped their game, and Haven has a healthy climb with possibly its greatest episode yet. Poor old Alphas , though, continuing it run of under-performing episodes with by far the worst score of the week, and Misfits drops again after showing a big upswing last week.

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