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SFX Caption Competition

A new challenge for you, and the result of the previous compo

Okay, apologies first for our “new weekly challenge" having a month break between the first and second installments. Blame the Weekender! (Or our Swiss cheese memories.)

Anyway, finally we’re back on track. And here’s pic #2 for you to work your magic on (it’s from the trailer for Comic-Con Episode IV: A New Hope ). Just leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll pick a winner next week (and you can influence – though not dictate – our decision by using the “Like” buttons).

And the winner of the previous compo is:

Congrats to Tao for that one! Some tat we find round the office will be heading your way.

Death Valley , the new mockumentary cops versus zombies series, airs on MTV UK on Mondays at 10pm. Check out all the caption suggestions for this image here .