How to defeat the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

Every pirate wants to know how to defeat a Sea of Thieves kraken - charge in unprepared and things will likely end in a ship hugging crunch of splintering wood. A Sea of Thieves kraken can easily take on multiple ships so you'll really want a crew, and maybe some friendly ships as back up before you try anything. 

First thing’s first: as we mentioned in our Sea of Thieves, if you see a giant black shape appear under your ship, get ready to fight. Eight large tentacles will spring up from the foaming sea, which is your cue to man the cannons. Using the cannon balls stored at the bottom of your ship, load the cannons by holding down Y, aim, then FIRE! You’ll obviously want to have them pointed at the tentacles first, and direct your giant ammunition towards the base of the tentacle where it’s wider and there’s less chance of it missing completely. Keep doing this, focus on one tentacle at a time, and you’ll be making a dent in the Kraken in no time. 

Warning: those tentacles have a nasty tendency to grab you and hoist you up into mid air. Don’t panic, though. As well as giving you an epic view of the battle below (looking on the bright side, I know), this is where your cutlass comes in handy. When the tentacle closed its mouth, slash and hack with your cutlass to prevent it from swallowing you. Do this at least twice and you’ll be spat out like a bruised banana. Then it’s up to you: either go back to the ship to try and salvage it before the Kraken sinks it, or attack the base of the tentacle with your cutlass to deal some damage. 

Two things. One: don't do what we did here and run around the ship screaming until we were all dead, and two: watch out for sharks as you head back to your ship, as those nasty buggers will stalk you if you spend too much time in the deep blue sea. Rejoin your fellow salty sea dogs, and you’re ready for another adventure.