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Scott Pilgrim vs Space Harrier II: FREE retro parody and CHEAP oldschool sequel announced for iPhone

The Scott Pilgrim books are truly a product of their generation; you’d be hard pressed to find another graphic novel series with more veiled and overt references to gaming culture. Since he’s getting his debut on the silver screen in Scott Pilgrim vs the World this August, the promotional games are beginning to roll in like clockwork. Well here’s what they’ve come up with: Scott Pilgrim’s Punch-Out for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Scott Pilgrim is a bass playing Canadian hipster madly in love with one Ramona Flowers, a rather aloof damsel who might also be interested in Scott, kinda. Of course, before there can be even the suggestion to the allusion of hanky-panky, Scott will have to defeat her “Seven Evil Exes”. But wait! It gets better! They all have super powers! Exclamation point!

The game seems to be little more than a playable advertisement for the upcoming movie based on the comic series, with access to the film’s trailer, Facebook page, and the latest promotional Tweets listed as ‘features.’ Still, it’s tough to do better than free, and that’s exactly what Pilgrim’s Punch-Out is. If you like the concept or if you love the series; you might as will kill some time with it.

Also, if you’re still in want for things to do, be sure to check out Space Harrier II, the Genesis classic by Sega, also from the Apple App Store.

It’s not quite free, but come on: you don’t have an extra 99 cents lying around?

July 22, 2010