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Satoru Iwata's life story plays out in this YouTube documentary

As Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said, it will be years before Satoru Iwata's impact on the gaming industry will be fully appreciated. But we can still get started. The latest video from the Gaming Historian, noted YouTube documentarian, follows Iwata's life from his days hanging around the department store computer section, to his 13 years leading Nintendo, to his death at age 55 in July.

Iwata was the first Nintendo president from outside the family that started the company, and his commitment to making video games "fun for everyone" guided it for years. But there was a lot more to Iwata than the goofy persona he cultivated in Nintendo Directs and the stories of programming brilliance left in his wake.

The documentary is about half an hour long, so you may need to bookmark it for later. But it's definitely worth your time when you get a moment.

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Connor Sheridan
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