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Robert Zemeckis, Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd are back together

Before you get too excited, the film in question isn't Back To The Future Part Four. Instead, the time - travelling team are discussing the possibility of appearing in DeLorean wrangler Robert Zemickis' latest flick, a motion capture version of A Christmas Carol (because it's been at least 30 seconds since the last time we saw a new version of Dickens' tale).

If they say yes to the project, Fox will play Tiny Tim, and Lloyd will bark Marley's Ghost's lines. Bob Hoskins and Tom Hanks are also in talks, but who cares about them - they've never met Huey Lewis, or The News.

Let's hope that the boys have so much fun that they decide to make that dinosaur-flick-with-Nike-product-placement project we've all dreamed about for so long. That, my friends, is the power of love.