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Breach into Rainbow Six Siege's open beta from November 25 to 29

You have one last chance to go doorbusting in Rainbow Six Siege ahead of its release. The tactically destructive shooter's open beta will run from November 25 to November 29, giving you an excuse to work out your mounting holiday rage on terrorists and drywall alike.

If you played in Siege's closed beta earlier this year, you can jump into the open beta a day ahead on November 24. Either way, everybody can start pre-loading it for free on November 23 by going here in the US or here in the UK.

The open beta will offer three maps (each with day and night variants) and three game modes: Bomb and Secure Area in PvP, and Disarm Bomb in PvE Terrorist Hunt. It will also include 14 of the game's 20 initial characters, each with their own unique abilities for reinforcing rooms and/or bursting into them. None of your progress will carry forward into the full game, unfortunately.

Siege will be released on December 1. You won't have to get the Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass to stay current with new maps (they'll all be free), though it will give you early access to new characters and substantial XP boosts.

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