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You can pre-order PlayStation VR & games already!

PlayStation VR preorders are live, at least in the UK. You can buy the headset and a few games on both GAME and Amazon UK sites as of now, with everything arriving in October.

Just so you know the PlayStation VR price is £350/$400, and this is what's in the PS VR box. Note the Move controllers and camera aren't included so there's an extra cost there. Now, on to the deals:

GAME have the basic package for £350, which includes the PlayStation VR headset, processor unit, stereo earbuds, HDMI cable, USB cable, AC adaptor and power cord, and PS VR headset connection adaptor.

Amazon UK has a page but currently preorders aren't live until 11:00 GMT on Wednesday, 16 March.

You can also buy a few games on Amazon including the following:

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood £49.99.

London Heist for £49.99.

Gran Turismo: Sport for £49.99.

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