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Portal 2 now playing in GamesRadar's brand new and quite amazing Musical Screenshot Gallery

Prepare yourself. We have revolutionised the way you look at screenshots. Please say "hello" to our brand new and quite amazing Musical Screenshot Gallery. Don't be scared. The concept is simple. It's just like a slideshow, which means you don't have to bother clicking your mouse every time you want to look at a new screenshot. Just sit on your ass and let technology do the work. And the most magical bit is that it plays music at the same time.

For the Musical Screenshot Gallery's exciting debut show we've chosen screenshots from Portal 2. It's coming out next month and there can be no better way to get excited for the sequel to one of gaming's greatest triumphs than by looking at some static images of it while simultaneously enjoying bespoke computer music in your ears. On with the show!

Big shout to GamesRadar's frequent supplier of intangible chip tune goodness The Disco King for making the Musical Screenshot Gallery's music. We love you.

If this visually and aurally exciting glimpse of Portal 2 has aroused you, why not indulge yourself with a visit to our Portal 2 mega-page where we've got, like, loads more stuff about Portal 2.

And if there are any music-type folk that would like to provide a two-minute tune for use in a future MSG, feel free to email us at

Please let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the Musical Screenshot Gallery. Either way, you'll be seeing it again soon.

March 31, 2011

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