Pokemusings, week 29

We're going to hit two birds with one stone in this issue of Pokemusings. First, we're going educate you on Las Vegas sports book gambling. This is a very important bit of info that will undoubtedly serve you well in life. Second, we're going to use these betting lines to lay down odds on Pokemon happenings in 2008. From famous trainers catching legendary Pokemon to remakes of old games to event Pokemon, get ready to place your bets!

Most bets in a sports book follow a moneyline system that's based on $100. Let's say that Latias is fighting Sandshrew. Latias would be the favorite, with a betting line of -800. This means you'd have to bet $800 on Latias to make a $100 profit. Sandshrew would be the underdog with a betting line of +950. This means a bet of $100 would earn a $950 profit if Sandshrew, by some miracle, defeated Latias. Here's a moredetailed explanationif you don't quite get it. Now let's move on to the betting!

Two Legendary Pokemon Events Will Happen in 2008
If you've spent any time on theofficial Pokemon sitein the last month then you'll have noticed Darkrai's silhouette haunting the web page. Details on how to get it will be revealed shortly (for North American players anyway). Meanwhile in Japan, another Pokemon movie will be released in July. Shaymin will be one of the stars of the movie, so you can expect a similar deal to the Japanese Darkrai event, where moviegoers will be able to receive Shaymin via local wireless at the theatre. There's a more than decent chance Shaymin will be ready to hit North America before the end of the year. Lastly, there's a rumor floating around about a legendary Pokemon being tied to the next Pokemon Ranger game.
Betting Line: -500