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Pokemon Monday 45 - A champion Amoonguss

Episode45 highlights

Pokemon VGC West Regionals in San Jose - Congratulations to all the participants at regionals this year, and a special congrats to the winners of each division:

1st place%26mdash;Bernie Mora (age 8)
Watsonville, CA

2nd place%26mdash;Gerardo Gonzalez (age 10)
Fremont, CA

Additional National Qualifiers Include:
Bernabe Mora (age 8) and Michael Aguirre (age 11)

1st place%26mdash;Aaron Traylor (age 14)
Boston, MA

2nd place%26mdash;Richard Escalante (age 15)
Union City, CA

Additional National Qualifiers Include:
Shreyas Canchiradhakrishna (age 14) and Gavin Michaels (age 13)

1st place%26mdash;Paul Hornak (age 23)
Oak Hills, CA

2nd place%26mdash;Alan Schambers (age 20)
Modesto, CA

Additional National Qualifiers Include:
Duy Ha (age 19) and Andrew Bishop (age 22)

More photos from the event:

Eeveelutions now available for transfer on PGL site- If you played the Eeveelution minigame that was available previously, you can nowretrieve your Dream World Eeveelution from the PGL.

Upcoming Pokemon game announcement- Japanese magazine Dengeki DS just revealed a Japan-only Pokemon arcade exclusive called Pokemon Battrio V, but is that the only Pokemon game-related announcement on the horizon?

Pokemon of the week: Amoonguss - This poor man's Venusaur was one of the most popular Pokemon at regionals over the weekend - how would you maximize this mushroom's potential?

Question of the week: What's your favorite Pokemon from each region?

See you next week!

May 23, 2011

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