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Pokémon fan creates Pink version complete with matching Game Boy for Valentine's Day

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Someone on Reddit has modded a Game Boy Pocket and a pink custom version of Pokémon Blue for a Valentine's gift.

User CrimsonChymist shared the loving creation, which they stated is for their girlfriend this Valentine's Day. The post shows a pink-coloured Game Boy Pocket complete with a "custom pokemon blue version cart", which has been modded to change the game's title screen and some other small details.

CrimsonChymist shared images of the creation, which show that they made a custom sticker for the Pokémon Blue cartridge, calling it "Pokémon Love" version, bearing an image of Eevee, and they gave the game case a lovely matching pink cartridge cover.

To make things even more impressive, the OP shared the modded game in action, showing off that the classic Pokémon Red and Blue splash screen has been re-done to say "Pokémon Love Version", with Professor Oak's first words being "Happy Valentine's Day!" followed by a sweet message to their partner.

Check out the wonderful creation below, which is sure to thaw even the iciest of hearts:

Just finished my Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend. A modded Gameboy Pocket and a custom pokemon blue version cart. (My first try at any kind of rom modification so, outside of the title and intro it is basically a standard blue version.) from r/pokemon

CrimsonChymist explains in the post that this is their "very first rom mod" are the only things they changed, but doing so to a Game Boy cartridge must have been a difficult undertaking.

Suffice it to say, this saccharin-sweet gesture has resonated with people on Reddit, with the comment section flooded with encouraging words and – perhaps more importantly – a discussion about showing Eevee some love.

"Every mod that puts the Eevee family at the forefront is instantly among the world's greatest mods", commented one person, while another really hit the nail on the head, saying "That's really rom-antic".

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