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PlayStation Network's having issues as huge DDoS attacks continue

If you're having trouble logging into PlayStation Network, at least you're in good company. Many users are having difficulty accessing PSN, according to Sony. But it's just one of many victims of a series of massive DDoS attacks that have knocked major sites and services offline throughout the day.

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The DDoS attacks appear to be targeting east coast U.S. DNS servers and are still of indeterminate origin, Reuters reports. DNS services don't actually host websites, but they do tell other computers how to access them, so bringing major DNS servers down can massively disruptive. If it makes you feel better, the U.S. government is already looking into the matter on a criminal basis.

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Keep an eye on PSN's dedicated network page for updates on the issues. Also, if Twitter and Spotify start loading normally again, that's probably a good sign.

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