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Plants vs Zombies coming to Xbox 360

Bejeweled, Peggle, Zuma's Revenge and, hell,even Bookworm. Nearly all of Popcap's casual gaming masterpieces have eventually expanded past their PC origins and arrived on consoles, giving us an easy excuse (HD! Achievements / Trophies!) to play through them a second or even third time.

So we've just assumed that the company's most awesomely addictive title - and the one that's most appealing to hardcore gamerswary of shiny gems, magical unicorns andnerdy insects - would at some point materialize on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Today, that assumption is 99% confirmed, with aGerman ratings board(viaGamerBytes) prematurely listing Plants vs Zombies for Microsoft's console on their official website.

Above: Suck it, German five year-olds... no Plants vs. Zombies for you!

There's no corresponding entry for PS3 on the ratings site yet, but we imagine that that release is as inevitable as this one was. Our real question, however, is how well Plants vs Zombies will work with a clunky controller analog stick when it was designed for the click-click-click speed of a mouse or finger touch.

What do you think? Can Plants vs Zombies be as fun on 360 and PS3 as it was on the PC and iPhone? And, more importantly, would you classify the game's "untergenre" as "militarisch"? We would've gone with "gartenarbeit" ourselves...

Jun 2, 2010

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