Pegg beams up

Got to admit we never saw this one coming. JJ Abrams' Star Trek movie has a Scotty and it's Simon Pegg. The Hot Fuzz star will be rolling out his take on James Doohan's characteristic Scottish brogue when the Enterprise leaves Spacedock.

We also have a Sulu in the form of the Harold half of Harold and Kumar, John Cho. Today's developments mean Abrams' movie has a Spock, an Uhura, a Chekov, a Scotty and a Sulu, leaving McCoy and Kirk with the only unfilled seats on the Enterprise bridge. And with Chris Pine reportedly close to becoming the next man to write in the Captain's log, it looks like Abrams is ready to boldly go. Shooting is set to start in November ahead of a December 2008 release.

Thanks to Sci Fi Wire .