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Payday 2 essentials guide and walkthrough

Watchdogs, Day 2

Day 2 now requires you to load the cocaine onto a small speedboat. Though you're now at a dockside location, you can use a similar strategy here.

Be aware of the approaching police force, but start daisy chaining your bags to the warehouse just ahead of where you enter the map. There are plenty of places to group up and defend your stash inside. Once your team and your drugs are safe in the warehouse, hit the switch to signal the pickup boat.

Once the boat arrives, chain the bags to it. Only four bags can be loaded per trip, so be prepared to hold out a bit longer if you want some extra dough. With the many storage units around, pick a spot to hold the remaining bags until your pickup returns. After loading up the remaining coke, make a break for the escape point. If you held out for a second pickup, your getaway will already be on the scene.

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