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Ocarina of Time video: Jabu Jabu’s Belly FAP

Part three in our ongoing Ocarina FAP takes us inside Jabu Jabu, a sort of fish-lord that has gone ten kinds of crazy and swallowed Princess Ruto (seen above). I take the helm and guide Link through Jabu%26rsquo;s pulsating innards while Carolyn, Henry and Chris watch and continuously talk about dated news topics. You%26rsquo;ll definitely know when we recorded this!

This is actually one of my favorite Zelda dungeons of all time; Japan%26rsquo;s love of classic Disney tropes makes it a loving reference to Pinocchio, plus it%26rsquo;s a thoroughly unique idea that hasn%26rsquo;t been repeated in a Zelda since.

Odds are I%26rsquo;ll fumble with the camera or make a few mistakes while running through the whole game, but keep in mind how hard it is to 1) Play a Zelda game for the first time in 12 years, 2) Carry on a conversation with other people in the room while paying attention to the game%26rsquo;s many puzzles, and 3) Attempting to make said conversation and gameplay interesting to watch. It%26rsquo;s a hard juggling act, so expect at least one of those three bullet points to suck at any given time!

Next up: The Forest Temple as adult Link!

May 26, 2011

Our video playthrough of Zelda's N64 dungeons continues, this time facing down an infernal dinosaur

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