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Numero Juno

It’s the end of a long day and is perching on a sofa in a London hotel with the charming Ellen Page. The diminutive star, who emerged in testicle-shrinking tour de force Hard Candy, heard yesterday that she’s received a nod from Mr Oscar for her latest flick, Juno. The teen-pregnancy dramedy has been landing plaudits left and right but Page, typically, takes it all in her stride…

So yesterday must’ve been insane; where were you when you heard about your nomination?

Oh yeah, it was a crazy day. I was in Paris, we found out and it was obviously extremely exciting. Also, very humbling to hear your name mentioned alongside actors you respect and admire so much.

How about we ditch the interview and get some drinks then?

Why not! Junkets are part of the gig but you know, I am never good with names so I always feel really rude! So yeah, let’s start with some shots!

Before we start, hadn’t you better write your speech?

(Laughs) No, I’m not going to write a speech. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting but I would never choose a film thinking of an award or expecting to win something.

This movie could do for the teen-angst flick what Little Miss Sunshine did for the family road movie genre, don’t you think?

That would be nice if a film like this, with a unique, intelligent multi-dimensional young woman allowed for people to have more faith in that type of independent movie. Napoleon Dynamite and Little Miss Sunshine did it and it gives others a chance to support something different.

The character must’ve just leapt off the page at you…

Absolutely. I was just so excited that a teenage girl had been written in this way. She’s a female lead like I’d never seen before and that was super exciting. I adored the language, I loved how organic and fluid it felt. It’s a film devoid of stereotype and it’s an ensemble piece where no characters are tools; they all have their own unique evolution.

You also have to strap yourself in to a few pregnant suits along the way…

You noticed, huh? Yeah, there was a variety of bellies and fake breasts. As an actor it helps immensely to have to accommodate that but trust me, I’m no Daniel Day-Lewis, I took it off at the end of that day - I’m not that hardcore.

You also had a lot to do with selecting the music for the movie. Director Jason Reitman owes you a beer we think…

Fox owe me a beer! It’s the number one album on iTunes, ahead of Radiohead, come on!