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Nintendo bringing DS units to US classrooms

With Wii consoles alreadyappearingin gym classes around the country, Nintendo now plans tobring the DS to the classroom as well. This time,the companyhas its eye on the nation's art curriculum.

Nintendo has just announced a partnership with the National Art Education Association. The initiative involves selected schools throughout the US, which will receive DSi XL systems and multiple copies of the game Art Academy. Unlike most painting or drawing games, Art Academy is actually marketed as a game that can teach players real-life art techniques.

The game's description on itsofficial websitereads, "Take lessons with an in-game tutor on basic sketching techniques, color mixing, and much more%26mdash;all with realistic effects that simulate a real-life painting experience."

As I reflect back on my 7th grade art class, when I spent an entire weekend clipping out magazine pictures for some stupid project, I have to say I'm all for this. In fact, we should have given copies of Donkey Kong Jr Math to elementary schools years ago, and taught sex ed to students with the help of Leisure Suit Larry. But hey, there's still time...


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Mar 16, 2011