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New 'Wipeout' game coming exclusively to Kinect

A new motion-controlled version of theshamefully entertainingWipeout game show is onthe way to Xbox 360. Activision is calling the show "a perfect fit for a Kinect game." Wipeout in the Zone will be released in conjunction with the TV show's summer season premiere.

"The ABC hit show Wipeout continues to thrill a growing fan base of viewers with hilarious new obstacles. Everyone who watches the show wishes they could try the obstacle course %26ndash; and now this is their chance," said Activision's David Oxford in a statement.

The game will feature the same kind of stunts as seen on TV, including the infamous "Big Balls" as well as numerous obstacles involving fast-thinking reflex-tests.

John Anderson and John Henson will bring theirback-and-forth comedy to the game, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about the smarmy co-hosts. Jill Wagner, the show's 'field correspondent,' also lends her voice to the game.

This is good for some quick casual cash, for sure, but are any of you Kinect owners interested in a more physical edition of Wipeout? The Wii edition's been out for a while but can only mimic the show so well...

[Source:Press Release]

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Mar 16, 2011