New mission for Call of Duty 3

Monday 7 August 2006
A deluge of next-gen shots from the second level of Call Of Duty 3 shows US infantry attempting to storm a fortified area that has a distinct rural flavour - in sharp contrast to the urban setting of the previously-revealed images from the game's opening scenes.

The action, set in an area called The Island, is then made even more dramatic by being set at twilight in the middle of a ferocious rain storm.

As there are few buildings or walls to use as cover, the soldiers have to dive into ditches and muddy holes in order to avoid enemy fire. Making it even more eerie is that fact that the opposition can only be located by their muzzle flashes which can be glimpsed now and then through the mist.

As with all Call of Duty games, the action will be presented from four different perspectives. But, rather than being based on multiple campaigns as per the earlier titles, Call of Duty 3 is set during the Normandy breakout, where Allied forces attempted to capitalise on the success of D-Day by sweeping through northern France to liberate Paris.

So, as well as a US soldier, you'll also play as a member of the Canadian mechanised infantry, a Polish tank commander and a British SAS officer. The game will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 this autumn.