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New Dying Light DLC adds vehicles. Techland says it's "pushing the boundaries"

Techland has been aggressively delivering new content for Dying Light and it's clearly not planning on letting up anytime soon. A new video from the developer shows off not just the positively overwhelming amount of undead DLC that's landed over the last 180 days but also a teaser for the upcoming expansion with a buggy revving up to explore a new part of the open world.

Vehicles will be a serious addition to the apocalypse. Given that we've been free running around the city quite happily, a dune buggy and a whole new area of undead slaughter will be a pleasant change of scenery. Plus, Techland's opinion on DLC hopefully means it won't just be a case of a twenty minute expansion. "Of course, delivering more content to players is important. If you like something, it’s natural you want more. But we really feel DLC should be more than that," Dying Light producer Tymon Smektała tells GamesRadar+.

"The best kind of expansion should drive your game forward, expand upon it, and play with the gameplay features in an inventive way," he continues. "After all, if you want to keep at least the same level of enthusiasm, you need to offer content as creative and fresh as your game was when it launched. You need to take into account you’re doing it for fans that have already spent dozens of hours with you. So it always boils down to offering something new and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in your game."

With the tongue in cheek mocking of Destiny's Red Bull promo with it's 'Drink water for free DLC campaign', Techland was making a funny but clear point about the role of downloadable content in our pre-order obsessed gaming world. While Dying Light has its own season pass - at a respectable £15.99 - it's also released plenty of free downloads to sate our zombie killing lust and given the PC community a terrifying amount of control with its modding tools.

"From our point of view, it’d be perfect if we could give away all additional content for free," explains Smektała. "Unfortunately, that’s not how this industry works. What we can do, though, is to strike that perfect balance between free and paid content." More about the upcoming DLC will be revealed at Gamescom but it's reassuring to know that Techland is aiming for something that truly counts.

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Louise Blain
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