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New DiRT 3 video puts the amaze in amazing

Feeling painfully sober after playing through Gran Turismo 5? Me too. So what better way to reignite your passion for exciting things than to watch the latest trailer for DiRT 3, which shows off the new gymkhana gameplay with plenty of smoke, lots of drifting and some spectacular box physics for good measure. It's all in-engine too. When your game engine looks as good as Ego, you don't need to do renders.

You can already tell which bits you're going to be retrying time and time again, but it should be worth the effort. Nathan spent some time playing DiRT 3 recently and can confirm that the game 'already feels superb'. Check out his previewhere.

The game joins an increasingly lengthy list of awesome racers to look forward to in 2011. Codemasters itself has got F1 2011 revving up in the garage on 360, PS3 and PC along withversions for 'new handhelds'(that'll be 3DS and PSP2 then).Need For Speed: Shift 2issetto right the few wrongs of the original, Xbox 360 owners have gotForza Motorsport 4on the way and the bound-to-be-brilliant Mario Kart on3DSis a ridiculously exciting prospect.It's going to be a great year.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what 'hooning' means, it means 'to drive recklessly'. Which actually is a crime, but who cares? The game's looking criminally good and that's enough for us.

17 Dec, 2010

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