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Mortal Kombat Kollection koming kwickly, ket ko karrive kin "kate kummer"

Thelong-rumoredMortal Kombat Kollection (Killection?) has finally been confirmed this morning, set to arrive on XBLA, PC and, assuming it ever come back online, PSN before the end of the summer. The package includes the arcade versions of MK, MKII and Ultimate MK3 for a measly $10, making it a remarkably sweet deal; compare that price to UMK3's $5.00 price tag when it launched solo on XBLA years ago.

The conversion will be handled byOther Ocean, who's perhaps most known forits XBLA version of Symphony of the Night and DSiWare's Dark Void Zero.

Strange that this would come out after the new Mortal Kombat game - don't companies usually put out the nostalgia bait before the next big sequel arrives? Maybe it works the other way too...

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