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Microsoft drops Xbox 20/20 but has "so much more" Xbox Series X and Halo: Infinite news

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has quietly removed the monthly Xbox 20/20 event from its lineup, but the company still plans to release news regularly.

An Editor's Note was added to an existing Xbox News post from May announcing the Xbox 20/20 event. The note reads: "Xbox has a massive year ahead of us, as outlined below. After reassessing our programming for the rest of the year, we’ve decided to stop using the 'Xbox 20/20' phrasing as it implied that we would be releasing information in one way only, through a dedicated monthly show.  We’ve got so much more to share with news about Xbox Series X, new games like Halo Infinite and cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass. We’re going to share that news in a variety of ways. It may sometimes be a dedicated show, YouTube videos, partnering with others, or sharing the latest via Xbox Wire. We want to stay flexible with how we connect with you."

Xbox 20/20 was billed as "monthly moments" that would take place throughout the rest of 2020 as a way to "engage, connect, and celebrate with you what's in store for the next generation of gaming." Every month was meant to be something different. There was no June Xbox 20/20, and the July showcase which gave us *that* Halo Infinite preview was billed as the Xbox Games Showcase - so this is likely just an example of overzealous and convoluted branding.

We'll still be getting our fair share of Halo Infinite and Xbox Series X news, but the monthly Xbox 20/20 events seem to be a thing of the past. Whether Microsoft will be sharing news with partners like Geoff Keighley's Summer Games Fest, on their social media accounts, or elsewhere is unknown, but we'll keep an ear to the ground to make sure to get you the news ASAP.

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