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Marvel's WandaVision reportedly set to resume filming in July

Marvel WandaVision
(Image credit: Marvel Studios/Andy Park)

After being put on hold in March, Marvel's WandaVision looks set to pick up filming this July.

This is according to Tampa Bay Comic-Con, which shared a Facebook status explaining how WandaVision star Paul Bettany had to cancel his appearance at the convention in order to film the upcoming Disney Plus miniseries. Bettany previously described WandaVision as "f***ing bonkers" (in a good way).

Though production on WandaVision technically wrapped in March, it's likely some of the cast is returning for reshoots and pickups.

In the far-distant times of January 2020, we reported that Marvel's WandaVision would release earlier than planned, moved from 2021 to December 2020. That timeline hasn't officially changed, but pretty much everything is up in the air in these times. Presumably, much of the crew is working on post-production at home due to the pandemic, which could complicate things a bit. A delay would not be a surprise. 

For the uninitiated, don't worry. We're all a little confused about what exactly WandaVision is and what it means for Marvel Phase 4. Starring the returning Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and the Vision (Bettany), WandaVision has been described as equal parts retro sitcom and Marvel epic.

Marvel reportedly has big plans for WandaVision, as the company is currently prepping several WandaVision-themed comic collections.

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