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Kinect: Using your voice to pause video ain't that new

During Microsoft's much-debated E3 2010 press conference a fairly generous time slot was dedicated to showing how Kinect's voice recognition software and motion control enhances your experience of the Xbox 360 media center.

You might remember this bit...

Which is perhaps one of the most basic and dated functions we've ever seen used to show off how good a console is. If you don't believe us justGoogle 'voice controlled dvd player' or 'media center'.

You'll find you've been able to do this for literally years - but strangely it hasn't ever really taken off. People still prefer to use the good old remote control.

Which leads us to this...

And we promise we didn't Photoshop it. This original voice controlled remote was available for sale on thiswebsiteages ago. Unfortunately they're currently out of stock.

"Xbox! Pause!" Not quite the future.

June 25, 2010

I hate the 267.