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Just Friends review

After Van Wilder: Party Liaison, Blade: Trinity and the Amityville Horror remake, Ryan Reynolds' crimes against cinema continue with this flat-footed rom-com. The Canadian no doubt thought he was poking gentle fun at his heartthrob image by spending much of the movie in a roly-poly fat-suit. Unfortunately, it only means there's more of him to bemoan.

To be fair, there are funny moments - but they all belong to Anna Faris, who delivers a gloriously OTT turn as a pampered, sex-mad diva apparently modelled on a certain Mrs Federline. She's the reason why Reynolds' ladykilling record exec finds himself back in the New Jersey hometown where he spent his obese adolescence carrying a torch for best pal Amy Smart. Can he break out of the "friend zone" and finally bed her? On second thoughts, maybe Van Wilder wasn't so bad after all.

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