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Joshua Williamson exits Robin in August

Robin #17 variant cover
Robin #17 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

Prolific DC writer Joshua Williamson is exiting as the regular writer of the Robin ongoing series following August's Robin #17, Williamson announced On May 21. 

"ROBIN #17 in August is my LAST issue of Robin," Williamson tweeted (opens in new tab). "Writing Damian has been some of my happiest times at DC. I loved writing this series, and the response to it has been a gift. For a lot of reasons this felt like the right time to step off the title. But it's all good reasons."

Robin #17 cover (Image credit: DC)
(opens in new tab)

"I've been writing a LOT this last year, running hot, and leaving Robin, Batman, and Deathstroke Inc let's me catch my breath a bit so I focus on the end of DARK CRISIS and my 2023 DC books and plans," he continued. "Including creator owned books. All of which are very exciting."

Williamson promised his followers he'd get into more details regarding his exit as it gets closers to August's Robin #17, and he tweeted that for now he "just wanted to quickly say thank you for the support and love you've shown the Robin series this last year!"

Robin is currently involved in the Batman, Deathstroke, Inc., Robin crossover 'Shadow War.' 

August's Robin #17, which will be illustrated by Roger Cruz and Norm Rapmund, promises to pull Damian Wayne into a "shocking new storyline that will test his role as Robin and his place in the DCU!" and it's now confirmed that shocking new storyline will be written by a new writer. 

How or if this relates to writer Mark Waid's Batman vs. Robin limited event series beginning in September remains to be seen. 

But while you're here, you might as well check out a preview of May 24's Robin #14 by Williamson, Cruz, Rapmund, and Luis Guerrero.

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