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iPhone game of the day: Backbreaker

Game: Backbreaker
Price: £0.59/$0.99
Size: 9.5MB
Out: Now

Let's be honest, everyone loves to watchgame charactersget twatted in violent, comical fashion. Whether it's Niko getting run over by an ice cream van in GTA or Master Chiefbeing smacked about by a Brute hammer; seeing our gaming heroes get mangled is always a hoot. And wince-inducing violence doesn't come much sweeter than bone-smashing sports-related injuries. Which brings us neatly onto Backbreaker,NaturalMotion's brutal American football game.

Originally used to test the physics for theupcoming full-fat 360 and PS3 version(due out in May), Backbreaker on the iPhonecomes from the guys who madethe fancy Euphoria enginefor GTA IV. The game's sole objective is simple; sprint to the end zone while avoiding opposition players who want to put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your days.

Above: You want to dodge these tackles, but getting smacked down is ace

With simply touchscreen controls, striking visuals and animations that'll make you appreciate a healthy spine; it's perfect for quick bursts of play when you can't be assed picking up a pad.It's also damn cheap. And any game that lets us shamelessly showboat after avoiding five consecutive career-ending tackles is alrightby us.

Above: Can't wait for the console versions?Get this addicitive app

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Apr 13, 2010