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How to make sure Transformers: War for Cybertron does not suck

Activision has been showing off Transformers: War for Cybertron recently, and eyewitness accounts seem to indicate that developer High Moon Studios is onto a winner. At the very least, War for Cybertron looks like it has potential to be one of a handful of Transformers games that are actually good.

The artistic direction is terrific, the faithfulness to the G1 spirit is promising, and the gameplay is allegedly pretty damn solid. That said, this latest interactive interpretation of the robots in disguise has a few weeks to release yet, and that's a long time in this industry. High Moon's efforts still have a chance to either stand or fall, and we all want it to stand. With this in mind, we've put our Transformers-loving brains together and come up with several ways in which High Moon and Activision can ensure that War for Cybertron won't suck.