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Hitman 3 player crushes all Mendoza characters at once in the grape press

Hitman 3 mendoza
(Image credit: IO Interactive)

A Hitman 3 player managed to murder everyone in the Mendoza map using the grape press.

As you can see in the Hitman 3 gameplay video just below (thanks, Kotaku), YouTuber Teallen96 spends a vast amount of time dragging every single character in the Mendoza level down to the grape press. Once there, he crushes them all in one fell swoop, in what might just be one of the weirdest accomplishments in the game to date.

If you've played Hitman 3's Mendoza level, you'll know it's a vast, sprawling stage filled with numerous guards, workers, guests of honor, and many more characters. For this particular player to get every single person in the level into that one grape press and squish them flat is quite the feat.

Weirdly enough, this actually isn't the first time a Hitman 3 player has managed to get every person in a level into a very confined area. Last month in January, shortly after IO Interactive's sequel launched, a player managed to get the entire population of the vast Sapienza map into a single meat freezer.

Unfortunately, these feats won't have granted either player an impressive mission score, due to the time taken and the innocent people brutally murdered. Still, they're undoubtedly a labor of love (or something more sinister) and impressive nonetheless.

Just recently, Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive released an updated roadmap for the game, detailing content spanning February 2021. All throughout this month, we'll get a game update, Deluxe Escalation Contracts, a new Elusive Target, and more.

If you're wondering how to pull off slightly more stealthy assassinations, you can head over to our Hitman 3 Mission Stories guide for a walkthrough of every story assassination in the game.

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