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Happy Holidays from the people who make your games

Like Activision, Capcom sent us an animated Flash e-card with some familiar faces.Click hereto view it yourself!


The people behind Earth Defense Force: Insect Armaggedon assure us that we don't have to fight with our enemies this time of year.


Demiurge Studios, the developers behind upcoming game Shoot Many Robots, sent us this grunge-inspired holiday card with a carefully wrapped robot. Warning: contents may be sharp.


Yet another slap-our-faces-on-a-card card, this time from EA. The Bulletstorm card below makes up for it in manliness.

Oh, so manly.


He may have the white beard down, but we ain't sitting on his lap.

One of our favorite videogame heroines greets us this season with this holiday card sealed with a kiss. She may not be dressed in what we call traditional winter attire, but she's Lara Croft, and we've seen her fight in the snow wearing nothing more. Breast. Card. Ever.

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