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Halo Reach 'Birth of a Spartan': freeze-frame observations

A brand new live-action short for Bungie's upcoming Halo: Reach shows how a normal man is transformed into a Spartan. The short, which is called 'Birth of a Spartan' shows normal man Carter 259 undergoing the procedure. Carter 259 will appear in Halo: Reach as Noble Team's leader. Watch the video and then enjoy some freeze-frame observations on some of the short's key moments.


Here we see Carter 259 holding something. Later we see him swipe the card to start the procedure. Perhaps it's a MasterCard.

It's noticeable that there are no doctors, only two drills controlled by robot arms. They look like they could be the sort of robot arms that put cars together. They have probably been reprogrammed for this kind of augmentation operation.

This is where we first notice that he looks like a young, bald Tom Hanks.

These are probably Carter's parents. His mother would actually have given birth to Carter when he was a baby. We don't know if drilling robot arms would have been present in the delivery room.

In this one he looks like Matt Damon giving birth to a particularly uncomfortable ass baby.

We don't know who hooked up all these tubes to his legs. Another robotic arm? Or a hidden character that hasn't been revealed yet? Maybe it was Master Chief?

His eyes turn really blue. We don't know if this procedure would have been necessary if his eyes were already really blue. We're sure we'll find out in the game. Or maybe later as DLC.

As if by magic, he's dressed.Those robot arms are good.

Is everyone seeing just how much this guy looks like Tom Hanks? It's uncanny.

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April 28, 2010

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