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Halo Infinite will keep Master Chief as the only protagonist

(Image credit: Microsoft)

343 Industries is going back to basics with Halo Infinite. In a roundtable interview GamesRadar was a part of following the Xbox Games Showcase, associate creative director Paul Crocker confirmed that Master Chief will be the only playable protagonist of Halo Infinite

"Well, Chief is the only protagonist in the game," Crocker said, noting that the team has been guided by this idea of building a 'spiritual reboot' all throughout development. "We wanted to build a Chief-focused adventure. We wanted to get back to how Halo had been in the past and how players had really embraced wanting to play as Chief."

"That was our goal from day one on this project: Make a Master Chief adventure; make a Master Chief focused story; focus on all of those emotional connections that fans have to that character, and still build something that is surprising for them when they get to play it," Cocker continued. 

It isn't yet clear what happened to Agent Locke, the secondary protagonist of Halo 5: Guardians, or Fireteam Osiris. While the group of Spartan IV's could be seen as John-117 and Dr. Halsey reunited at the end of Halo 5, 343 has been, so far at least, unwilling to confirm where any of these character are now – remember, Halo Infinite is set a number of years after the conclusion to Guardians. Fingers crossed that no more plot details are potentially leaked by a toy company... 

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