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Halo Infinite adds another pug to its voice acting roster

(Image credit: Instagram @Halo/343 Industries)

Halo Infinite will certainly have some of the most interesting sound credits in gaming history, as there's now a second pug on the voice acting roster. 

343 Industries shared a video of Buddy nomming on snacks in a "Sound Design Saturday" post on the official Halo Instagram account. Check it out below.

Buddy is the furbaby of a program manager at 343 Industries and was brought in to eat some snacks and breathe heavily in front of a hot mic. The heavy breathing borders on worrisome (that's on inbreeding), but I'll admit it is very hard to not laugh at the sounds coming out of this good boy's nose/mouth area. The snarfles, the snorts, the strange growl he emits when his snack-giver holds onto the snack for a bit too long - it's all perfect. Just how this will be turned into something other than fodder for laughs remains to be seen, but if anyone can do it, it's 343.

But Buddy isn't the first pug to be brought into 343 Industries' prestigious and mysterious development process. Last year, GamesRadar reported on Gyoza, the other pug providing sound effects of some type for Halo Infinite. Back then, I speculated that the pug may be providing sounds for a new alien species, but as time passed I became convinced the pugs were doing voice work for the Flood, a parasitic life form and one of the main antagonists in the Halo series. Either way, I highly doubt the pugs are doing VO work for Master Chief…

Just what the good boys are in the studio for is up in the air, but maybe we'll get a better idea of their talents this July. As we previously reported, Halo Infinite will get its long-awaited time in the spotlight during the July Xbox 20/20 event. This will be the first real look at Halo Infinite yet, so stay tuned as we'll be updating you accordingly with date and time information as we get it.

I'm just saying, Halo Infinite Pugs has a nice ring to it...

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