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Get Anthem for more than £10 off just days after it came out with this Amazon UK sale

Anthem's only been officially out since Friday but you can already pick it up for a steep discount on Amazon UK. The new online RPG from BioWare is currently available for £39.03 on PS4 and Xbox One, a more than £10 saving from its standard price (which, again, people were paying for the brand new game just days ago). Anthem has some problems to overcome, and you should definitely read the review before you buy. But at this discounted price it's easier to jump into the game in its current state and look forward to the updates on the way in the Anthem roadmap.

These deals are only available on Amazon UK at the moment, but we'll be sure to keep you updated in case any notable discounts on Anthem emerge for US customers. Until then, you can read up on all of the tips we have as you get ready to suit up.

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