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Forget MILFs. True Bloods Full Of VILFs

New marketing campaign for the third season of the vampire show is pretty blunt…

HBO’s new poster to promote True Blood season three gets straight to the point, boasting “VILF” in dirty great letters. A play on on the slang word MILF (which, in case you don’t know, is "Mother I'd Like To F***”), it’s pretty obvious what the replacement “V” stands for. It’s not a new piece of slang. You can find T-shirts on the internet with pictures of Spock next to the word, or even with “Edward is a VILF” on them – though we kinda think the word suits the sexy, sweary True Blood a little but better than the rather chaste Twilight . The poster is one piece of a 12-part weekly advertising series to new season which returns on 13 June. Let’s just hope the new Teen Wolf series doesn’t try the same trick – WILF doesn’t have quite the same ring, and people might think it’s a Doctor Who spin-off.