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First trailer for Journey, the next game from the creators of Flower

Since its clandestine premierat the very end of this year’s E3, we’ve been entranced with Journey. From the simplistic but beautiful design to the enigma of what the gameplay actually is, the PSN title from thatgamecompany (of Flow and Flower fame) piqued our interest, but there’s been virtually no new info since June. Fortunately the first video footage of it hit the web last night. Watch the vid now:

The video was posted on the US PlayStation blogby Kellee Santiago (President and Co-Founder of thatgamecompany) with zero new info, just leaving the trailer to speak for itself, which it does very well. This was preceded by a brief glimpse behind the scenes on Game Trailers TV, but they only talked about their drive to give a new, wondrous experience in a sci-fi/fantasy world where players are at times made to feel powerless in the face of Journey’s enemies. As cool as that sounds, we kind of knew that already.

That short talk and the above new screens will have to do for now, but hopefully we’ll know more soon, like the release date for instance. Maybe thatgamecompany is explaining so little to get us in the mind set of a confused wanderer who knows nothing but what’s in front of them. That’s got to be it.

Dec 10, 2010

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