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FEAR goes co-op?

A new teaser site for explosive horror-cum-shooter game FEAR has tongues wagging over the possibility of a brand new co-op multiplayer feature for the game - a feature that developer Monolith reportedly had planned for the original release of FEAR.

The teaser site shows three words that have triggered a wave of fanboy fantasizing: "Combat is coming". Below, a timer ticks down, currently standing at 20 days, 08 hours, 05 minutes and 16 seconds - which wouldn't fit with the October launch of Extraction Point, the upcoming expansion pack. So why the fuss?

The minimal statement sheds little light on future plans - apart from the graphic, featuring a six-man squad (read: clutching at straws). Of course, a more typical multiplayer experience is already planned for the Xbox 360 version of the original game. Still, when we contacted Vivendi in an attempt to dig up an official word about plans for co-op multiplayer on PC, it replied "no comment."

So, while the forum grazers theorize about possible new multiplayer features in Extraction Point, we have three weeks to wait to find out the truth. Expect a Monolithic announcement on or around August 16. Head over tothe teaser siteto see what you make of it.

July 27, 2006