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Fan-made trailer imagines Link as the next Overwatch hero

Blizzard's massively successful first person shooter Overwatch will finally be available on the Nintendo Switch on October 15, but some fans want more. Like Zelda's Link as a playable hero, perhaps.

Yesterday, a five-person team of animators and visual artists posted a video titled "[NOW PLAYABLE] Link Overwatch" on Vimeo. The 50 second clip is a meticulous recreation of Overwatch's Play of the Game highlight reel intros that features Link designed in the title's colorful and exaggerated art style. 

One clip shows us Link spinning into an epic fighting stance, his sword sparking with electricity, while another shows him using a Hylian shield to protect himself from incoming fire. Another clip has Link opening an iconic Overwatch loot box to reveal a rupee - a much better loot box return than I'm used to, if I'm being honest. Each clip is set on Eichenwalde, the German town primarily associated with shield tank Reinhardt. But the medieval styling and massive castle in the center of the town definitely give off some Zelda vibes, so it's a great backdrop for Link.

Now, Link in Overwatch would be great fun, but it'd be tough to justify his inclusion based on his typical fighting abilities. His shield and sword combination hits a bit too close to healer Brigitte's style, but it's unclear what the magic potions he's wearing would do. If they're healing potions, then he's basically just a Brigitte skin. If they're something else, however, he could be an entirely different type of character, perhaps a damage per second hero. 

It's a tease, albeit a beautiful one. Overwatch doesn't do crossover playable characters or guest heroes (there are some Blizzard-specific crossover skins, though). Either way, it's a gorgeous clip, and a great reminder that soon we'll be able to pick up the fight on Nintendo Switch.

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Alyssa Mercante

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