Fallout: New Vegas Unique Weapons guide

Location: Ruby Hill Mine

Pushy is found in the Ruby Hill Mine, a location found a bit to the northeast of Jacobstown. The cave is somewhat dangerous due to the fact that there are more than a half dozen Lakelurks in here and their sonic attack is devastating. Even for a very high level character in the best equipment they are going to rock your world. Once you enter the cave fight through the main hall, killing the five or so enemies in here, and then head to the left and down into a large cavern with water. Here you can find this weapon on a dead Jackal lying near the mouth of the tunnel.

Put simply Pushy is the best unarmed weapon in the game. The only stronger weapon is a Ballistic Fist but that has a ridiculously high strength requirement for very little improvements. Heck Pushy even has a better condition rating, lasting far longer between repairs than the Ballistic Fist. Pushy is also a bit easier to repair although putting it in Veronica’s able hands can work just as well as the condition won’t degrade.