Fallout: New Vegas Unique Weapons guide

Location: Camp Searchlight

Take note that you cannot acquire this unique weapon without having the Wild Wasteland trait. Otherwise there will only be a pair of Mini-Nukes in the location.

Unfortunately for your intrepid Courier these incredibly destructive weapons are held in the most heavily irradiated area in the Mojave Wasteland, Camp Searchlight. It takes a whole lot of preparation to not die within minutes of arrival so you’re going to need to prepare yourself for this. Once you’ve obtained enough Rad-X and Rad-Away (and possibly a Radiation Suit) you’re ready to acquire this weapon. Travel from Nipton to the east, past the crossroads, until you reach the radiated military base.

Make your way from the center of the camp towards the church to the south. This is located near the Fire Station so you’ll see the red trucks to let you know you’re heading the right way. When you reach the church head inside and go down into the basement storage area. A pair of Golden Gecko’s will attack so be careful – they do a lot of damage and since it’s such tight quarters a non-combat spec character can die easily here. Once they’re dead you can find these grenades on the table.