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Fallout: New Vegas character build guide

Since you’re almost always going to be burdened down with lots of weapons and equipment, this guy is going to need to be tough but still able to use his guns. He’ll require a good deal of strength, endurance and perception to be able to function properly. First and foremost you’re going to need to aim for the best weapons and armor that you can possibly get your hands on.

When creating the character decide what sort of guns you’re going to use. If you want to use mini-guns and machine guns take Guns, but if you want to use flamers and gatling lasers take Energy Weapon. Your ultimate goal is to get your hands on some Brotherhood Power Armor and the biggest, loudest weapon you can get your hands on.

Strength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 4
Luck: 5

Tagged Skills

Guns or Energy Weapons


Fast Shot (if planning on using mini-guns)


Rapid Reload
Hand Loader / Vigilant Recycler
Demolition Expert (up to three times)
Rad Resistance
Strong Back
Hit the Deck (if using explosives regularly)
Pyromaniac (if you’re planning on using fire weapons)
Splash Damage (if using explosives regularly)
Jury Rigging
Tag! Science (if using energy weapons)
Meltdown (if using energy weapons)
Solar Powered
Laser Commander (if using energy weapons)
Spray and Pray
Rad Absorption

Your perk progression here is heavily dependant upon how you’re going to play the game. If you are planning on using lasers then you’ll find Vigilant Recycler, Tag! Science, Meltdown and Laser Commander to be the most helpful. If you’re going to put a lot of effort into using Explosives, then take Hit the Deck and Splash Damage to tear through enemy offensives. But you’ll have to be careful because you will be prone to running out of ammo if you aren’t making good use of multiple skills. For example you can use Guns and Explosives (Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers) or abuse the crap out of a variety of Energy Weapons (even Flamers).

Even if you’re not planning on using too many explosives you’ll still want to put a good bit into the Explosives skill. Dealing with melee enemies will be made much easier indoors by using frag mines to line a path. This will prevent enemies from rushing you or in the least leave them entirely crippled by the time they reach you. Sneaking around with a Stealth Boy and laying down some mines can do amazing things.

Since you’re going to have to load up on weapons and armor you’ll want to do your best to minimize whatever else you’re carrying. By eliminating the need to carry Rad items you can sell these to fund your bullet addictions, Solar Powered will let you heal naturally while hiking through the Wasteland, Scrounger will net you lots of spare ammo you can sell for money / other ammunition and Strong Back helps you carry everything.

Partners: While you would normally want to have some close combat allies to back you up here it’s an incredibly bad idea here. This build can tear your followers to pieces if they aren’t careful. Instead, take Ed-E as well as a ranged human companion. While you will be vulnerable to enemies who rush you, like Nightkin, most enemies will be shredded by the fusillade of bullets they will face in coming at you.

The Laser Gunner is probably one of the most powerful attackers in the game. A talented Energy Weapon user will absolutely shred through enemies, dealing more damage than a close range shotgun blast at extreme ranges with the right weapons. Plus it seems to have a fairly easy job of blowing through armor which will help you deal with the heavily armored troops that are running around in the late game.

With this in mind your primary focus is going to be on hitting enemies and hitting them in the vitals. Enemies die rather easily to laser weapons so you don’t have to put too much work into killing enemies just so long as you can actually hit them. Early on it’s in your best interest to stay close to enemies and bean them with shots to their limbs. Take out the legs of melee enemies while trying to injure the arms of ranged attackers to disarm them. Later on though you can just aim for enemies heads and absolutely decimate foes.

Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 6
Luck: 6

Tagged Skills

Energy Weapons
Barter or Repair (whatever you prefer to use to repair your weapons)


Good Natured


Rapid Reload
Comprehension (to aid in ammunition crafting)
Vigilant Recycler
Jury Rigging
Better Criticals
Robotics Expert
Action Boy / Girl
Grim Reaper’s Sprint
Laser Commander
Nerves of Steel

Pretty much the entire purpose of the perks for this character build are basically taken around two basic ideas: keeping your equipment at top functionality and inflicting lots of damage with your lasers. Vigilant Recycler and Scrounger will keep your ammo supplies fairly high while Jury Rigging will help keep your guns in top functionality. Most of the other perks that you’re taking will help you slaughter your enemies with devastating VATs attacks that will blow through enemy defenses.

In many ways this build works quite functionally like the Sniper build does with the main exception of this being a good deal more devastating. You’ll have a pretty easy time beaning enemies in the face with your laser blasts and they won’t survive too many of those as you get more and more deadly perks. If you can get your hands on a Gauss Rifle and pair it up with these perks then most enemies will be blown away easily, while the corona effect of Meltdown helps you kill off other enemies.

Partners: With this build it’s quite easy to completely recommend Rex as your back up with this build. He will close to melee range and tear enemies up while you take shots at them from a distance. As for your human companion you can either take Cass along, since she can do melee reasonably well but also shoot if you don’t want her in melee, or Lily since she can tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter.