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Epic will continue to give away weekly free games through 2020

(Image credit: Epic)

It's official - the Epic Games Store weekly game giveaways won't stop coming throughout all of 2020. When 2019 ended and the free games did not, we couldn't help but wonder if and when the well would run dry. Epic has now confirmed it'll be giving away free games every week for all of 2020, so we know the well has at least a year's worth of free goodies left in it.

Epic made the announcement via an official blog post, writing, "New decade means new games and we’re looking at a great start with tons of amazing titles coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store in 2020. To kick things off, we’re extending our weekly free game program throughout 2020. Every single week, come back to claim your game. Once claimed, it’s yours to keep forever."

Epic giving away free games suggests the Epic Games Store isn't struggling, despite the controversy that has surrounded it in and its exclusives in the past. Moreover, Epic's announcement  included some fairly impressive numbers. We now know that the Epic Games Store has had 108 million customers that have spent $680 million, with $251 million spent on third-party PC games. That last number is especially interesting, as it means that more than a third of the money spent in the Epic Games Store is on third-party games. 

Ultimately, this announcement means that the Epic Games Store is doing just fine, guys. So fine it can continue to give away games every week for all of 2020. Can't complain about that. 

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