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Easy Money III: Life Deluxe review

Life Deluxe is the second sequel to hit Swedish thriller Easy Money, Daniel Espinosa’s sharply-executed story of JW Westlund (RoboCop’s Joel Kinnaman), a business whizz who falls into organised crime. More so than Babak Najafi’s follow-up Hard To Kill, Life Deluxe suffers by comparison, with director Jens Jonsson offering nothing new to the tired crime cliché of ‘one last job’ – the story of Easy Money regular Jorge (Matias Varela) rather than JW, whose quest to find his sister only gets around 10 minutes of screen time.

A stylish heist sequence excluded, fans will find little joy in this fading echo.

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Blu-ray release20 October 2014
Starring"Matias Varela","Joel Kinnaman"
DirectorJens Jonsson
Available platformsMovie