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EA teases next-gen games during EA Play, including BioWare and Battlefield titles

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EA has teased next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X releases for a number of titles, including potential early looks at Dragon Age 4, Battlefield 6 - or whatever either are eventually called - and the perks of what next-gen can bring.

As the closing part of the digital E3 event, EA Play, the publisher rounded up several titles it has in the works for the duo of next-gen consoles, although it didn't go into too much detail on any of the games involved. 

Although it seems these are just some of the next-gen games in development across the EA Studios, there were a few tantalising tidbits shown off for what we assume to be the key next-gen titles for EA - namely next Dragon Age and Battlefield games, along with the Need for Speed title in the works at Criterion.

"Criterion is known for how their games feel. From superior physics, to nuanced details of gameplay, this team hand curates the moment to moment gameplay experience. With the new consoles this year, there will be a seamless immersion which will get you into the race in a matter of seconds," explains Laura Miele, Chief Studios Officer at EA.

(Image credit: DICE)

Then there's the new Dragon Age game from BioWare. Already announced at the Game Awards last year, all we'd had so far from the game was a tiny teaser trailer - although it did a great job at getting everyone hyped for an eventual return to Thedas.  The aim is to make "fantasy worlds your reality".

"We're using next-gen of technology to make those fantasy worlds your reality", adds Miele.

The next Battlefield game from DICE got quite the tease, although it was difficult to get any sense of what the setting might be from the footage. However, it's clear that DICE is going to be really pushing the graphical bar - as we'd expect from the team. There's even a suggestion that this will be the biggest Battlefield game to date. 

"We're creating epic battles at a scale and fidelity unlike anything you've experienced before", says Miele.

Over at Motive, EA's newest studio, the team is also working on a brand new IP - alongside the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons of course. 

It's described as a "highly ambitious, innovative new game that puts the power and creativity in your hands" and it's "an experience that would've been impossible without next-gen tech". 

For now though, we'll have to wait and see to hear more from EA when it comes to next-gen. 

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