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EA: Blu-ray is 'resonating in a pretty big way'

Remember back during the original PlayStation days when you had to put in disc after disc after disc? For some Xbox 360games, it's the same old story, but not for the PS3. If you're wondering whether or not that's actually a big deal, well, EA seems to think so.

"Interestingly enough I don’t think Blu-ray resonated much with consumers when it was first part of the package," said EA CEO John Riccitiello in aninterview with Kotaku.

Well, of course not.No one knewmuch about it except that it sounded expensive, and fewer people had HDTVs. Plus, it wasn'tyet determined if it would become the standard - it has, but it's still far from replacing DVDs.Even so, it sort of seems archaic that other gaming platforms use the oldformat. Change discs? What? May as well ask me to put in a Betamax tape.

"I think [Blu-ray] is resonating now in a pretty big way," saidRiccitiello, continuing"Because a consumer doesn't have to buy two devices when they can get one and it's not multiple discs for a large game, it's one disc and the fidelity is higher."

True enough. At the beginning of this generation, the "in" thing to do was to have as many boxes hooked to your TV as possible - they weregamer status symbols. But it turns out thathaving just one box isn't so bad, and in that respect, the PS3 is well-suited - it needs fewer discs, there's no need for a separate Blu-ray player, and there's no bulky power adapter.

It's takenabout half of a decade, butperhaps the value Sony saw in the PS3 is finally beingappreciated by the public. Are you a Blu-ray convert yet?


Dec 8, 2010