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E3 2011: SSX returns to the slopes January 2012

A snowy, mountain peak looms ominously. As the camera swings around, we see a snowboarder clutching the top of a pine tree before landing on the frost below. SSX is back and ready to reinvent extreme sports gaming this January 2012.

The camera zooms out on the planet and before you can scream "ENHANCE," we're taken to the Himalayas where two boarders are racing down a path, even traversing through a downed jet engine. Next, we're taken to Patagonia as the two boarders careen down a cliff edge. They jump and one boarder grabs a helicopter edge with a climbing axe, while the other boarder opens up her wingsuit and flies down the mountain.

"Race it. Trick it. Survive it," is SSX's motto this year. EA Sports promises to integrate these three levels of play on a grand scale, even using scanned NASA satellite images to create courses.

EA wants you to check out their new Origin service this week at origin.comto see information on Kaori, a long-standing SSX character and promises new info in the weeks leading to next year's release.

It's good to see SSX coming back and we're pumped to learn more about how racing, tricks and this survival notion will work together. Check back in the coming weeks for more information.

June 6, 2011