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E3 2011: Need for Speed: The Run finally thinks outside the car

EA showcased some gameplay from the upcoming Need For Speed entry The Run, revealing that the game will feature both in-car and out of car action. The game will also apparently incorporate the Autolog feature into the main story, tracking your progress on a massive coast to coast race, Cannonball Run style.

While it%26rsquo;s skeletal at the moment, the main character, Jack, is trying to make it from SF to NY as quickly as possible while dodging the police and apparently, the mob. The live gameplay looked like the kind of drift heavy arcade driving we expect from the NFS series, high on action, speed and gnarly crashes. That%26rsquo;s right, I used gnarly in 2011, deal with it.

While promising on paper, the on-foot gameplay seems mighty heavy on QTEs. In fact, from what we saw, the on-foot gameplay looked like it was all QTEs. After being violently ejected from his car, the main character Jack was chased by a helicopter across rooftops, making sure to PRESS CIRCLE before every jump. Hopefully the final product will have a little more diversity in these sections, as QTE%26rsquo;s tend to get old pretty quickly. PRESS X TO CONTINUE READING.

The Run is scheduled for a Holiday release, on November 15th.

June 6th, 2011

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